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Teen Summer Camps, Scuba and Sailing Summer Camps
and Programs in the Caribbean

"21st Century Voyages of Exploration and Discovery..."
Welcome to Water Planet Adventures...


A teen summer camp that isn't a summer camp. A summer camp that is a teen voyage of exploration and discovery, a journey to explore what lies beyond the horizon and what waits to be discovered inside of each of us. A summer camp experience that is an adventure beyond the boundaries of the ordinary where you will be challenged to see the world in a new and different way.

A teen sailing camp where you get to sail a high performance ocean-going catamaran across the crystal clear azure waters of the Caribbean. Exploring what lies under the rainforest canopy or behind the next island. Watching the red yellow and purple sunset while anchored in a cove surrounded by palm trees and feeling warm tropical breezes blowing across your face.


A teen scuba camp where leaping off the back of a boat and slowly sinking beneath the waves is an everyday experience. Where gliding over a fairyland landscape covered with a vast wonderland of coral reefs, an explosion of colors, and millions of strange, exotic fish is what you do before breakfast.

A teen adventure camp with hiking into a tropical rainforest filled with fantastic birds, howler monkeys, tapirs, and even an occasional jaguar. Floating down rivers which wind though dense forest and palm trees and maybe even a mysterious cave. Where you share the trail with tarantulas, termite mounds and toucans.


Walking through the ruins of an ancient civilization which vanished a thousand years ago. Exploring pyramids which reach toward the sun and are covered with giant faces and carvings that tell the story of long ago kings, wars, lives and loves.

Make all this your reality with Water Planet Adventures Teen Scuba and Sailing Summer Camps and Programs. Each summer camp voyage includes advanced instruction in Sailing and Seamanship, beginner to advanced training in PADI Scuba Diving, courses in Coral Reef Ecology and Conservation where your classroom is taught right on the coral reefs. In our Rainforest Ecosystems course you will learn about the worlds endangered rainforests and how you can help protect and preserve the remaining "global green belt". We offer our exclusive course in Mayan Cultural Anthropology in which you travel to a Maya city, and learn about the indigenous people of north and south America.

Most importantly, our Voyages are about having fun. We take the time to play and enjoy the sunshine. But, you'll also learn teamwork, comradery, leadership, and find skills you never knew you had. And when it's time to return home, you'll leave with the best tan you've ever had and pictures your friends and family won't believe!

Call us today or email us for a free info pack to find out how you can be aboard the next Water Planet Adventures Teen Scuba and Sailing Camp Voyage of Exploration and Discovery!


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