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British Commonwealth of Belize

   Our teen summer camp, operating in the waters of Belize, Central America, is ideally situated near the second largest barrier coral reef in the world. Belize, once known as British Honduras is an indepent member of the British Commonwealth of Nations. Located on Mexico's southern border, Belize is a land of magic, mystery and awe inspiring adventure.

   Only two hours by air from Houston, Texas, and Central America’s only predominantly English speaking country, it is home to the largest barrier reef system in the western hemisphere, second largest in the world and one of the most pristine Marine Reserves on Earth. Literally millions of the species of sea animals and plants, some not even named yet, make this location one of the most special places on earth to visit, dive and experience.

   Hundreds of Cayes (pronounced ‘Keys’) dot the waters off Belize between the mainland and the barrier reef, each with a unique flavor all it’s own. Many of the uninhabited mangrove cayes are National Bird Sanctuaries while the palm cayes host resorts, fishing villages and local dive operators. We’ll explore many of them.

   For more than a thousand years, Belize was home to the vast and incredible Mayan Empire. Ruins of ancient cities such as Altun Ha and Xunantunich still exist for visitors to marvel and explore. Belize has designated and developed many of these sites as protected National Parks and welcome people from around the world to experience the grandeur of the structures.

   Belize is also part of the global ‘green belt’. The unspoiled rainforests of Belize are one of our planet’s greatest treasures, with species diversity found almost nowhere else on earth. Giant tropical trees, tapirs, howler monkeys, jabiru storks, over 600 species of birds and even jaguars inhabit the lush jungles and forests. UNESCO has listed many of these areas as World Heritage Sites, protected on behalf of all humanity.

   Another of Belize’s unique attractions are the extensive river cave systems where adventurers can ride rafts and inner tubes on slow meandering journeys through underground grottos and deep canyons with lush overhanging trees. Following the paths of Mayan mystics and explorers, local guides explain the natural and cultural history of these fascinating waterways.

Music from Belize

   Belize has developed it's own unique flavor of music called 'Punta Rock'. Originating in Dangriga, Punta Rock is a blend of local Belizean music and Afro-Caribbean beats.

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