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Coral Reef Ecology
Protecting the Reefs...

   Belize is home to the second largest barrier reef in the world, smaller only than Australia's Great Barrier Reef. The reef environment is among the richest and most diverse of habitats on the face of the earth and on a daily basis students may expect to see reef creatures such as dolphins, thousands of species of fish and invertebrates, rays, reef plants, octopus, and the occasional migrating whale shark which is the largest fish in the world.

   Water Planet Adventures teen summer camps maximize students ability to study and observe marine life through four types structured and spontaneous programs. All programs are voluntary participation and included at no additional cost.

   First and foremost, the majority of Week Two and Week Three dives are conducted on the reef itself. Here, students will learn to passively interact with reef creatures and learn to observe while hovering effortlessly with newfound scuba skills.

   Second, our exclusive Coral Reef Ecosystem is taught is a series of fourteen daily modules. Each lesson is about 30 minutes long and taught onboard by staff members with degrees and training in the field. Student who complete all fourteen modules with be given a certificate of completion.

   Third, for students receiving speciality certifications, we offer a choice of PADI Aware Coral Reef Conservation, PADI AWARE Fish Identification, or PADI Underwater Naturalist.

   And fourth,whenever subjects of opportunity arise throughout the day or night, instructors and captains will pause activities time permiting to observe and explain behaviors of reef creatures encountered.

    Our exclusive course in Coral Reef Ecology presents a broad coverage about how coral reefs work, what they are, what they do, present threats to reef habitats, and what can be done to protect them. Students not only get to learn about reef life on board our live-aboard, but also dive and observe with reef life and reef creature behavior.

    Water Planet Adventures Coral Reef Ecology
         2006 Water Planet Adventures LLC

  • Lesson One-Coral Reefs of the World
  • Lesson Two-Reefs and Atolls of Belize
  • Lesson Three-The Structure of Coral Reefs
  • Lesson Four-Types of Coral Building Animals
  • Lesson Five-Invertebrate Reef Inhabitants
  • Lesson Six-Vertebrate Reef Inhabitants
  • Lesson Seven-Reef Plants
  • Lesson Eight-Strategies for Survival
  • Lesson Nine-Sex on the Reef
  • Lesson Ten- The Reef Food Chain
  • Lesson Eleven-Base of the Food Chain
  • Lesson Twelve-The Grazers
  • Lesson Thirteen-Apex Predators
  • Lesson Fourteen-Present Threats to the Coral Reefs

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