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rainforest toucan
rainforest spider Explore the Tropical Rainforests... Learn to Protect Them...

  Natives of Belize refer to their country as 'The Jewel', and rightly so. Vast expanses of the country are covered with emerald green, the color of the rainforests. The environmentally concious government of Belize has taken great steps to protect much of the country's rainforest wealth dedicating nearly 45% of the entire country to National Park and Forest Reserves. Water Planet Adventures Teen Scuba and Sailing Summer Camps takes full advantage of the rainforest resource in several ways.

  First, we are continually sailing along the coast and at times spending the day or night anchored in sheltered surrounded by the rainforest. Second, we take several field trips into the rainforest specifically for observing the ecosystem or in conjunction with other activities such as visiting the Cockscomb Jaguar Preserve, using local knowledgeable guides certified through the Belize Board of Tourism.

  And last, we offer our exclusive Water Planet Adventures fourteen module course in Rainforest Ecosystems taught right on each boat and available to all students at no additional cost. Students who complete all fourteen modules will receive a Certificate of Completion.

    Water Planet Adventures Rainforest Ecosystems
         2006 Water Planet Adventures LLC

  • Lesson One-What is Ecology?
  • Lesson Two-The Green Belt Biomes
  • Lesson Three-The Rainforests of Belize
  • Lesson Four-Rainforest Strata: Top to Bottom
  • Lesson Five-Plant Diversity in Rainforests
  • Lesson Six-Animal Diversity in Rainforests
  • Lesson Seven-The Food Chain
  • Lesson Eight-The Competition for Space
  • Lesson Nine- Endangered Rainforest Species
  • Lesson Ten- Rainforest Global Climate Influence
  • Lesson Eleven-Humans in the Rainforest
  • Lesson Twelve-Rainforest Politics & Economics
  • Lesson Thirteen-The Shrinking Rainforests
  • Lesson Fourteen-Conservation & Protection

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