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Safety, Safety, Safety...

Our Pledge

    Our number one goal above all else is for each and every participant in a Water Planet Adventures Voyage remains safe at all times. We choose our vessels, select our staff, and even screen student applications with this in mind. To be sure, kids stub their toes on winch's, trip on tree roots, get blisters from hiking, and get all the other bumps, bruises and blisters that come from being part of an active outdoor program. No one can prevent that unless they sit at home and watch tv all day, never leaving the couch. But our pledge to you is that we will take every foreseeable precaution to make sure that every one who joins our program leaves in the same shape they arrived in or better.


    As parents ourselves, we understand that the most unnerving part of the whole process will be putting your child on the plane and watching them leave. Belize is a well developed tourist destination with a modern international airport and facilities. We will have a staff member at the gate meeting each student child as they disembark from the plane, go through the customs process, and collect their luggage. The staff member will then escort them to the short shuttle flight to Placencia (about 30 minutes), and remain until the shuttle flight departs. Once arriving in Placencia another staff member will meet them at the plane and they will be escorted to the Moorings facility and welcomed aboard their boat. The first thing upon arrival, students will be required to phone home and inform someone live (not an answering machine) they have arrived safely.

On Board

    We, at Water Planet Adventures Teen Summer Camps believe above all else, in safety first. We never take unnecessary risks on top or under the water. Everything we do in the course of a Voyage, has been carefully planned and coordinated, and performed on multiple occasions and in some instances even rehearsed. Remember, this is what we do, and we are experts. We use the Moorings Charter Service for our vessels. The Moorings always uses the latest equipment, services it regularly, and even has a repair response vessel which is immediately dispatched should any problems arise. We are always within radio communications range, and have satellite phones on board should there be a family emergency. Our fast modern Moorings catamaran's are never more than five years old and many are only in their 3rd or 4th year of service, pretty good for a vessel which is expected to have a service life of twenty or even thirty years.

Staff Training

    Each and every member of our staff are professional charter captains and/or scuba instructors who do this for a living. Unlike many summer camp programs ashore, we can not hire young adults as camp counselors for little or no money and promise them "a great summer work experience" in return. Our captains are all either United States Coast Guard 50 or 100 Ton Masters, or equivalent United Kingdom Yachtmaster rated or higher. Most have years of experience and all have experience in the professional operation of dive vessels. Our Scuba Instructors are all certified exclusively through PADI, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors, the largest scuba certifying agency in the world. Instructors are all Open Water Scuba Instructor, Master Scuba Diver Trainers or higher rated, most are also Rescue Diver instructors and Emergency First Responder instructors. Our instructors have certified hundreds or even thousands of clients of all ages in locations around the world. We also select staff members who hold the previous qualifications and who also hold advanced degrees in fields such as marine biology, oceanography, anthropology and marine science.

Professional Guides

    During the course of our twenty-one day Voyage, we make at least three major shore excursions ashore, to Mayan Ruins, and to the rain forests and animal preserves. We engage local reputable Tour Guide services who conduct these trips year round on a professional basis. Most work with the Cruise Ship and Resort industry year round and are recognized or certified through the Belize Board of Tourism. Belize has an elaborate certification system for professional guides which usually takes months to complete, requiring criminal background checks, certification in first aid and cpr, and demonstration of knowledge in an area of expertise. In addition to professional guides, Water Planet Adventures staff are always present on all excursions.

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