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Water Planet Adventures
Teen Scuba and Sailing Adventures
Our Mission...

21st Century Voyages of Exploration and Discovery...

    Water Planet Adventures is a U.S. registered corporation which began in 2006, with a
vision of the need to educate young people to the richness and fragility of the world's most
endangered habitats, the coral reefs and rainforests and to the consequences of
ignoring environmental degradation to a civilization. By presenting the example
of the long vanished Maya empire, a people caught up in the collapse of the
ecosystem around them, the future inheritors of our civilization can begin
to understand that the past, present, and future are vitally tied together.

    Global warming, through either human or natural mechanisms, appears
to be a real phenomena of our times and this generation may possibly be the
last to see the healthiest of the reefs and rainforests. With the highest numbers
of species in the smallest geographical concentration, indicator species of every
kind are present to observe during almost every activity. By having the most
qualified and highly trained staff available to lead students we seek provide one of the
safest and most effective learning experiences possible.

    We invite you and your family to join us on our Voyages of Exploration and Discovery, to explore
the ocean world and its mysteries, to peer into the depths of the rainforest, and to discover what
lies within you!

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