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Privacy Policies

    At Water Planet Adventures, we want to reassure you that your personal information will remain secure. We are sensitive to the fact that information from you not only concerns your family, possibly some financial information, but most importantly, your children. We will never give out any of your personal information to third parties. We do not sell information to marketing agencies, nor engage in the purchasing or selling of internet or offline mailing databases. Further, we do not utilize "adware", "spyware", or cookies which collect personal or use information.

    Information we collect is used in three general areas and in all cases is used only to expedite and personalize your families camp experience. The three general areas travel information, payment information and your child's personal information as a student. Travel information is used to make sure your child's travel itinerary is known by staff members and that every step of travel to and from Program locations has been taken into account. Payment information is used make sure that all charges to you are known and in most cases payments such as credit card transactions will occur while you are present in person or on the telephone. Your child's information is used to personalize their experience at the Program location. This allows Staff members directly involved to know pertinent information when greeting your child. We are required by PADI to collect certain information related to diving activities, however, this information is not passed onto PADI or to any other third party and remains in our possession.

    From time to time we send out online information to students and parents who have requested us to do so through information cards, mailing list sign ups, or email requests for information. We do not engage in 'SPAM' activities. If you are receiving unwanted email from us simply drop us an email at removeme@waterplanetadventures.com, type 'remove' in the subject line and we will make sure you stop receiving messages.

    We maintain a limited number of third part website links on our website to assist you in finding all the information you can before making decisions regarding your summer camp experience. We can not be responsible for how information requests from these websites are conducted or information acquired is used. Please maintain a normal amount of caution with all information requests made by third party websites whenever leaving www.waterplanetadventures.com.

    Use of our website implies that you have been notified of out privacy policy

    Water Planet Adventures reserves the tight to modify or change our privacy policy as business requires. Policy changes will be promptly posted on our website.

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