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So How Do I get There?

First thing-Letís make sure youíre in the right place. Click below to make sure you qualify.

Do I Qualify?

Second-Call us and let us know you want to come, and on which voyage and program. The phone number to reach us is (423)626-4679. Weíll check and make sure there is an opening available. 

Third-Time to Apply. We have made it possible to register for the program using one of two methods. You may elect to simply skip to the Application Icon below, print out the Application Page and Liability Waiver, complete it and return it by snail mail along with a check and photograph. Or you may, CLICK HERE to submit your application and deposit payment online. This method is quickest and will ensure your space is reserved immediately.

Click here to download application form.


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Fourth-  Once we have received your deposit, applicaton, we will send you a confirmation notice and a registration packet with all kinds of forms to fill out which will take days (just kidding). In the packet youíll find detailed travel information and, medical and liability release forms which should be filled out and returned as soon as possible, a list of things you will need to bring (like an extra swimsuit) and things you will definitely not need like that third suitcase with the evening wear or Tux.

And last-Make your travel arrangements. We canít do it for you since we donít know where you will be coming from or when. If you need help, you can call us of course, or The Moorings Travel Office at 888-952-8420. They are nice people and pros at getting you there. Students will want to arrive the afternoon of the Voyage starting date and depart the morning of the Voyage end date.

Thatís it-Youíre on your way and we look forward to seeing you! Any questions about anything and please call us! We like hearing from you.

Contact Us
(423) 626-4679   cell (256) 239-2132
email info@waterplanetadventures.com